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Peak One University Workshops

Social Security 

What you will learn at this workshop:

  • How your benefit will be affected by the age at which you apply.

  • When it makes sense to delay benefits - and when it does not.

  • How spousal benefits work.

  • How divorced-spouse benefits work.

  • How survivor benefits work.

  • How cost-of-living-adjustments, or COLAs, affect benefits.

  • How to minimize taxes on Social Security Benefits.

  • How to coordinate Social Security with your other forms of retirement income.


The decisions you make today can have a tremendous bearing on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime


What you will learn at this workshop:

  • Medicare's current structure and how it affects you.

  • When you need to enroll.

  • The penalties for not enrolling.

  • What Medicare Supplements are and what they cover.

  • What Medicare Advantage Plans are and what they cover.

  • Prescription Drug Plans.

  • Part A - hospital coverage - costs and benefits.

  • Part B - Doctors coverage - costs and benefits.

  • How you enroll in medicare, supplements, advantage plans, and prescription drug plans. 

Know the timelines, and make the best decisions for you and your family.  These decisions have great importance for your health care in retirement.

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